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N.Wales Fire & Rescue Service

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When did you last check your smoke alarm?

Smoke Alarm or Detector


North Wales Fire & Rescue Service have launched a brand new web site to help raise awareness of their Home Fire Safety Check campaign. They hope to spread the word of the free smoke alarm and installation service they provide as part of the Home Fire Safety Check.

As this site effectively targets the people of North Wales, the North Wales Fire & Rescue Service believe that it could really help them achieve their goal of spreading their message across the Province.

To support this very worthwhile campaign, please log on to

Statistics tell them that you are six times more likely to die from a fire in the home if you don´t have a smoke alarm. It is their aim to reduce this statistic dramatically and improve safety in the homes of North Wales. They truly believe that this is possible with help from websites like ours that interact with the community of North Wales.

North Wales Fire Service offer everyone in the community free fire alarms and installation.

Get yours online.

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