Provincial Grand Lodge of North Wales

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Provincial Grand Lodge A.G.M


Address by the RWPGM - 31st October 2018

Thank you all for attending today particularly given it is midweek and many of you have work commitments It is good to see so many of you here.

It will be a year of change not least because RW Bro. Ieuan Redvers Jones has retired after 11 years as PGM. You have given much to this Province not just as PGM but in various capacities throughout the other 39 years We all thank you for your dedication.

I thank the brethren who arrived early today to set up the temporary lodge and who will be here long after we have gone to take it down; and also those that have dealt with the sound and visuals your work is greatly appreciated.

I must also thank Sally and Jacqui for their hard work this year ,they have dealt with two major events as well as their usual tasks I also thank the team of volunteers who provide assistance throughout the year.

A special thanks must also go to W Bro Peter Sorahan who has retired as PGS, after 10 years ,it has been a difficult year for both Peter and Carol but support for the Province never waned. What he has done for this for the province has provided a sound footing going forward

W Bro Steven Jones has also retired after serving the Province well for 10 years as PGDC .He now returns as APGM and I am sure he will do as well.

W Bro Nicholas Woodward retires as Communications Officer after 2 years. Nick has worked very hard in pushing Freemasonry forward in the province.

W. Bro. Paul Maddocks will be the new communications officer he will be part of a team so that the whole of the province is fully represented.

With regards to the Lodge Buildings Project the initial report has almost been completed by W.Bro. Paul Maddocks. I thank all those that have assisted him.

I must give special thanks to all who continue to work raising money for charity you are a great credit to the Province.

The NWMBA have been successful at raising the profile of the Province through the publicity they have generated from the support given to non masonic charities.

I would also like to thank those responsible for the administration of lodges Almoners Charity Stewards DCs Secretaries and Treasurers all do a great deal of work in their lodges on a voluntary basis.

The representatives who provide useful information for the Province many of you travel significant distances. Thank you for your work.

The past year has been as busy as ever.There have been a total of 36 visits including three lodge centenary’s one 150th anniversary and a banner dedication.28 long service certificates have been presented including one 70th and one 80th certificate. Sadly two lodges have have found it necessary to surrender their warrants Sincerity and Caer Estyn.

I congratulate the following Brethren of the province on being appointed Officers of Grand Lodge: W.Bro. Robert Talog Davies who was appointed to PAGReg and W.Bro. Bryan George, W.Bro. Richard Griffiths Jones ,W. Bro. Graham Austin Maxwell and W.Bro. Paul Reginald Smith who were all appointed to the rank of PAGDC.

I congratulate R.W. Bro. Roger Brentnall Pemberton who was appointed PGM of Shropshire and W.Bro.

David John Gibbison W.Bro. John Russell Norbury who were both promoted to PJGD.

I also congratulate all brethren who have been appointed or promoted today. I hope you enjoy Your Rank and will continue with good work you have under taken so far.

The Members Pathway has as you are aware has already been rolled out by Grand Lodge. It of course follows on our own declining membership project. Meetings will be arranged around the province to take matters forward.

Our own membership is trending in a positive direction with loss of members reducing from 136 in 2014 to 85 in June 2018. Similarly the number of memberships has reduced from 61 in 2014 to 4 in 2018

Solomon is about to be launched in November.It is an online Service which will allow members to access learning resources to enhance masonic knowledge.

Members views have formed the basis of what has been provided.

Brethren thank you all for the support here today it is greatly appreciated.



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