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Craft & Chapter Mentoring Newsletter


This News Letter will now include not only Craft Mentoring but also Mentoring within the Holy Royal Arch or better known as the Chapter. There are some Lodges within the Province who have appointed new Mentors and I welcome each and every one who have recently taken on the role for the first time.


For the first time since the Mentoring scheme has been implemented the Board of General Purposes have recognised the importance of Mentoring and gave notice of motion at the March Quarterly Communication this year enabling a Master to appoint and invest a Mentor within the Lodge - the jewel being two chisels in saltire appended to a collar and the rank of a Lodge Mentor is immediately before Senior Deacon. The notice of motion has been accepted so the Mentoring scheme is in place and evolving.


The future of the Craft is in the hands of our newer Brethren and we must do all within our power to encourage their interest and involvement. It is your duty to promote the Masonic development of the brethren within your lodge by appointing a more experienced brother to guide and support both new masons, and those taking office, as their Personal Mentor.


By doing this you will help to lay that solid foundation which is an essential part in helping them to understand and enjoy their Freemasonry. As Lodge Mentor you now have an opportunity to serve both your own Lodge and the Craft in general and may you enjoy your role as an Ambassador for the cause. Being an Ambassador is not a rank it is a mode of behaviour. On the fundamental understanding that we recruit only people who live up to our principles - an ambassador will not only understand the basics of ritual but also, importantly, will be able and willing , with our support and guidance, to talk to family and friends about their Freemasonry as and when appropriate. We need to have confidence in them to do so appropriately.


This Province has seen an increase of candidates within the last four years, coexisting almost with the same number of years that the Mentoring scheme has been running within the Province. This is very good news at this moment, but one must not be too complacent because resignations outnumber the intake. There has been positive trend with regard to retention of re-joining members. This trend shows a significant improvement during 2009 to 2011.


Retrieval is important. There are many members who for reasons best known to them have stopped attending and the Mentor, within his duty, must try and recover the situation by making contact and encourage them to return. The trend shows that there is a small number returning to their Lodges. The Grand Secretary/Scribe E has made contact with every Province and has asked for updates and information available to develop Mentoring within the Holy Royal Arch.


The Provincial Grand Secretary/Scribe E has passed on the information required and submitted the booklet 'Relationship Between the Craft and the Holy Royal Arch'. This enables the Province of North Wales to show that Chapter Mentoring is on the agenda. It was also announced by the Grand Superintendent at the Provincial Chapter meeting in Llandudno on Saturday the 13th October that Mentoring will take place within the Chapter and that the Deputy Grand Superintendent has been tasked with its development.


Until the process is in place the Lodge Chapter Representative will continue to encourage new Master Masons to take that extra step into Chapter and complete their knowledge at this stage


A. W. Evans.
Provincial Grand Mentor.
Email: Arthur Evans



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