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The RMBI is a registered charity. Charity number: 207360

“The majority of residents would recommend an RMBI Home to someone else,” says the RMBI. New figures from the RMBI´s independent survey of people living in its care homes and their families, show that they are pleased with the standard of care and facilities provided at their RMBI Home. The survey received a very encouraging response, with 41% of residents and 51% of their next of kins making their thoughts on the survey questionnaire.

A Contented Resident

According to the survey, 88% of residents felt that their welcome into the Home was excellent or good and 90% were very satisfied or satisfied with their accommodation. 90% of residents felt that staff were always courteous towards them. When it came to questions regarding the condition of everyday life in the care home, 89% of residents felt that they were always able to maintain their privacy and independence, and 86% felt they could always or sometimes go out when they chose to.

The figures were echoed by next of kins, of whom 89% rated their relative´s Home as being very satisfied or satisfied. 87% felt that the Home was well managed and 89% felt that they were always or sometimes able to contribute ideas to the care given to their relative or friend living in the Home.

Happy ResidentYet Another Happy Resident

And when it came to recommending the care home that is looking after their family member, 89% of next of kins and residents themselves said they would recommend the Home to someone else.

“What an encouraging response,” said Kevin Harris, Executive Director of Care Operations. “Our residents and their relatives are the people who really know about the care provided in our Homes - and their views are important to us.

We are not complacent and know from the results of the survey that there is room for improvement, but I am particularly pleased with the number of residents and relatives who rated our services as very satisfactory or satisfactory,” says Kevin.

David Innes, Chief Executive, RMBI, says “Our staff are very dedicated in their work to provide the best individual care to our residents and relatives. I am pleased that this survey shows their efforts are being appreciated by the people who matter.” The survey of residents and their next of kins is carried out every year throughout all RMBI care homes in England and Wales.

Another Happy Resident

They will be repeated in future as part of the RMBI´s ongoing commitment to assess the quality of its service provision to residents and their next of kins. A plan of action appropriate to the local circumstances of each Home is being developed to address the points raised from the survey.

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