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Teddies for Loving Care - Update



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An update on the success of the venture


The Teddy Bear scheme is proving extremely popular, especially at the Wrexham Maelor Hospital. Due to the severe bad weather in January, the hospital ran out of teddy bears, and as soon as it was possible, W. Bro Laurence Crump, of Pegasus Lodge No.9124, the coordinator in the Wrexham area, dashed to Llandudno for a new supply.

As he was walking into the A & E unit, he met a husband and wife with their little daughter who had burnt her hand, clutching a teddy bear. Not knowing that Bro Laurence was a Mason, the father said to him: "The Masons have given this teddy bear free of charge to the hospital. I'm delighted that they are doing good work."

A few months ago, W. Bro Les Chamberlain of Yale Lodge, No 5636, met another couple whose young daughter had cut her hand badly. Her father, Ron Jones, told him: "I think it's a fantastic idea. It certainly helped my daughter to face things when she was treated."

Staff Nurse Barney Pitt said: "The scheme is very successful here. We give nearly every child a teddy and it calms them down when they arrive and if we have to do some evasive procedures, it keeps them occupied. We want to thank the Masons for their generosity."

Money to buy the teddy bears is raised by selling lapel badges. If not, see your Charity Steward who will be extremely pleased to sell you one.



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